6 Ways to Protect Yourself From Online Shopping Scams

6 Ways to Protect Yourself From Online Shopping Scams

Not all transactions are secure when you shop online, and neither are all websites legit. The guide ahead will help you spot online scams and empower you as a consumer to avoid them!


Beware of Websites that Ask for Sensitive Information

When buying items online, don’t pay by wire transfer, money order or gift cards.


Browse Brands with a Digital Shopping Assistant

Carrot has affiliate partnerships with some pretty huge brands. Carrot makes sure your cyber safety by only taking you to website landing pages verified by the sellers.


Learn How to Spot Fake Websites

Fake websites usually use long URLs, suspicious contact options and improper grammar. 


Carefully Read Negative Seller Reviews

Fake websites will post positive testimonials. Therefore, always carefully read the negative reviews first. A trusted resource to check reviews is Better Business Bureau (BBB). 


Review the Seller’s Contact Us and About Us Pages

Another red flag when shopping online is when you come across a seller’s website with little to no information on the “About Us” and/or the “Contact Us” page.